How to Maintain a Healthy Cell System?

By Joel Comiskey, Groups that Thrive, 2023

In 2019, Celyce and I bought a KIA Optima car. Unlike previous cars, we’ve tried to take the KIA to the dealer every 5000 miles for regular check-ups to keep the vehicle running smoothly. We were not proactive with previous cars, only fixing problems when needed. We have fewer problems with our KIA Optima, but we still need to stop and fix problems as they occur.

If we want our cell system to function well, we need regular check-ups to examine the cell, celebration, equipping, coaching, statistics, prayer, etc. At the same time, most cell churches have to deal with urgent needs whenever they occur. 

What are some of your current needs that you are urgently working on? Multiplication? Evangelism? Equipping? Coaching? Maybe you lack a way of gathering statistics and need to create one. Are you in small group ministry’s pre-transition, transition, or post-transition stages? Each stage has its unique problems and challenges.

In my local church, we need to focus on our equipping. Our leaders have gone through our equipping, but we have not taken our church through it. Now it’s time to make this happen. We also need to rework our supervision and develop additional supervisors.

In what areas do you need to work on? For June, key leaders will honestly assess what they need to change in their cell structure. We pray that you will learn and grow through the experiences of others. Click here if you’d like to receive the daily blogs in your email inbox. We’ll cover:  

  • June 04-10: The general concept of fine-tuning the system versus fixing specific problems. We need both. 
  • June 11-17: Specific needs (holes) in the blogger’s local church or critical problems in other churches.
  • June 18-24: Specific needs (holes) in the blogger’s local church or key problems in other churches.
  • June 25 to June 03s: Specific needs (holes) in the blogger’s local church or critical problems in other churches.