Common Patterns in Cell Churches

Someone recently asked me to clarify what I meant by cell church principles. I explained to him that I was referring to common patterns in cell churches. That is, what are the common patterns of growing cell churches around the world? In my study, I found at least thirteen common patterns:

      1. Dependence on Jesus Christ through prayer
      2. Senior pastor and leadership team giving strong, visionary leadership to the cell ministry.
      3. Cell ministry promoted as the backbone of the church.
      4. Clear definition of a cell group (weekly, outside the church building, evangelistic, pastoral care/discipleship, clear goal of multiplication).
      5. The passion behind cell ministry is evangelism and church growth.
      6. Reproduction (multiplication) is the major goal of each cell group.
      7. Cell and celebration attendance expected of everyone attending the church.
      8. Clearly established leadership requirements for those entering cell ministry.
      9. Required cell leadership training for all potential cell group leaders.
      10. Cell leadership developed from within the church itself, at all levels.
      11. A supervisory care structure for each level of leadership (G-12 or 5×5).
      12. Follow-up system of visitors and new converts administered through cell groups.
      13. Cell lessons based on pastor’s teaching to promote continuity between cell and celebration (although flexibility might be given to meet the needs of specific homogeneous groups)

The first four (highlighted in bold) are the most important (foundational) common patterns, in my opinion. But why is it important to base your cell church on common pattterns or principles? I’ll talk more about that on Monday’s blog.



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