Is There a Place for Model Cell Churches?

Someone asked a question in a recent seminar about model cell churches. He wondered if there was a place for model cell churches. Perhaps he perceived that I resisted them.

I answered him by saying that I believed God wanted to raise up flagship cell churches all over the world. I told him, in fact, that if principles are not fleshed out in real, live churches, they have little value.

I added, however, that the best way to become a model cell church was to learn the common patterns of the growing cell churches around the world and then to apply (adapt) those principles to the church’s own context. I told him that his church, culture, and situation was so unique that only principles (common patterns) would bring life and help his church grow. I told him that God is seeking to raise up unique, creative models all over the world and that perhaps his church would become one of them.

So in reality, I believe that every church has the potential of being a model for others to learn from. And when you get to that point and are sharing with others what God has done, be sure to talk about the life-giving, transferrable principles that will be beneficial to those asking.

Please don’t tell them to adopt your model exactly–remember that part of change theory is reinvention. Be sure to generously share all that you have and know. Don’t hold back! We’re all on this journey together. We can learn from each other.



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