The Influence of Pastor Enrique

JoelI mentioned last Wednesday that I just got back from a ministry trip in Tabasco, Mexico. I ministered at a growing cell church called Jesuscristo es la Vida Eterna. The founding pastor of the church was Enrique Ochoa Dueñas. Enrique received Jesus in 1980 and his life was transformed. Stories are told about how he was so onfire for Jesus that he would often spend hours sharing the Word with whomever would listen. JOELHe did the same with his children. They told me that their dad would often explain Biblical insights to them for hours at a time, and that they would look for a way to escape from his preaching. Yet, Enrique’s fire rubbed off on his kids.

Pastor Enrique died in 2003 while in the ministry. He died three years after establishing the cell church vision and helping the leading the church to grow to  700 people. 

The wonderful thing is that his children now pastor the church. Pastor Carlos the fourth-born is the lead pastor. Pastor Alejandro, the third born is the cell champion. The first-born, Rafael, concentrates on missions. The second born daughter, Patricia, is also in fulltime ministry and leads the music ministry. And the mother is totally dedicated to church life.

The children follow the vision of their father in that none of them receive a fulltime salary, even in a church so large. Pastor Enrique always worked outside the church becuase he felt that he should contribute financially to the church, just like everyone else. The children receive some support from the church but not all of it. They believe they need to be tent-makers and volunteer much of their time to the Lord.

I was super impressed with how one man’s fire (pastor Enrique Ochoa Dueñas) could bear such amazing fruit even after his death. Would to God that our fire for Jesus would influence our children to serve HIM all the days of their lives and make an impact for Jesus!




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