Learning How to Fly

joelWe’ve been talking in the last few blogs about Leaderhsip Explosion. Let’s look at how this is played out in real life here in North America. Michael Sove, cell champion at Allen Memorial Baptist in Maryland writes about a guy named Mike Miles, who started talking with a cook named Aron at Lacey’s Restaurant. Over time he invited him to a Sunday service. lead

In April 2007, Aron attended his first Celebration service at Allen Memorial Baptist Church and gave his life to Christ. Aron was immediately invited to the Neighborhood Life cell group that met at Mike Miles house on Tuesday. Aron went and loved the experience. Over the next couple of weeks Aron invited his wife and two children to attend the cell and celebration service with him. They both accepted Christ. Aron began the process of training by taking the five book equipping track that Allen Memorial Baptist uses to train leaders. Aron began to meet every Thursday afternoon at 4:30 for training and  mentoring. Aron soon became associate leader in the cell, and Matt began asking Aron to lead parts of the life group meeting.

Here’s the update: Last week Aron launched his own cell group with nine in attendance! Aron has been reaching his neighbors for Christ and is continuing the process of outreach through his own cell group.

And the rest of the story has just begun. 




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