Random HUP thoughts

by Steve Cordle

Joel and Rob have been stimulating some great conversation about the homogenous unit principle — so let me add some random thoughts as a minor side bar.

* The promise of this principle is greater ministry effectiveness, danger of this principle is number-driven pragmatism. (pursuing as God is leading vs. number-driven production)

* Most people enter the room the first time wondering “Is there someone here like me?” Disciples will find having Jesus in common is more than enough. Unbelievers don’t.

      However, people also want to know “Is someone here going to like me?” The cell can display the answer “Yes!”

* Twenty-somethings today seem to desire both connection with others in their life-stage, as well as mentoring from those ahead of them. A healthy, age-diverse cell can provide that.

* We are all reaching those with SOMETHING in common — the ability to speak the same language (hard to be in a cell otherwise), living in the same area, etc.

Ay root, let’s never be afraid to reach whoever the Lord prompts us to reach toward, adn at the same time not ignore who He has equipped and prepared us to reach, either.

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