Traversing Transition

“Traversing” means to pass over, along, or through.

Traversing transition has been the topic of the last few blog posts.  Further, the comments have been excellent.  This blog community continues to link arms with each other in such important matters as transition.  Peer to peer learning meshed with some voices who have actually transtioned a church family is a platform for healthy transition in a church family.  Simply put, thanks for being apart of the dialogue and may it continue.

With that said, I am not a transition expert.  I have not transitioned a church from x,y, z to cell.  Joel, Mario, and Steve have experience in this arena.  I would, however, offer a few thoughts concerning traversing a transition.  This will be brief.  Needless to say, the cell church movement has come along way in seeing churches transition. 

First thought:  Let’s strive to begin with prayer.  Could prayer be our starting point in all endeavors including transition?  I sincerely believe we miss the boat in any endeavor without our starting point being prayer.  Specifically, pray for your own heart.  Pray for a heart of compassion, grace, mercy, and love.  Pray for God to direct your steps and conversations moment by moment, day by day.

Final thought:  Consider aligning yourself with mentors who have transitioned well.  Not just one mentor, but….let’s say three mentors.  The first mentor would be someone who is ten years further down the road than where you are presently.  The second mentor would be an individual who is five years further down the road than where you are presently.  Finally, the third mentor is someone who is one year down the road than where you are presently.  Forgive me for the redundancy in the previous sentences.  It is extremely important to think both/and…short term AND long term.  These “transitional mentors” are at hand through this blog community.  They will help you not make the same mistakes they have made.  Their experiences will shed light on your next potential step in the process.

In essence, humility is the key.  When we incarnate the fact that we need help, then breakthrough is on the very near horizon. 

by Rob Campbell



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