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Thanks for praying for the Day with Joel and Mario in Myrtle Beach, SC and for the JCG board meeting. God exceeded our expectations and really answered your prayers.

The Wednesday “day with Joel and Mario” was the first such event, and I had my bouts of anxiousness. Yet, Rob Campbell led us in a very friendly, relaxed style. The 12 pastors and leaders, who were present for the event, were able to interact and share freely. 

I spoke twice, Mario Vega spoke twice, and both Rob Campbell and Steve Cordle also spoke. The participants were able to ask questions, add comments, and interact among themselves. Jeff Tunnell and Celyce Comiskey did a superb job of making the details work (baskets, refreshments, etc.).

The evaluations were excellent, so we had a time of rejoicing at the board meeting on Thursday.

Here’s just a few of the things I’ll share with you from the board meeting on Thursday (more later):

1. We’ll add a TWITTER sidebar to the JCG front page. By the time you read this, it should be up and running on the JCG home page.

2. We’ll have another Day with Joel and Mario next year on February 24, 2010, from 9 a.m. 5 p.m. Let me know if you’re interested ( The price of the day will be much cheaper, and we’ll have special prices for pastors who bring their lay leaders

3. We’d like to do the same thing (day with Joel and Mario) in additional cities in the future.

We appreciate your partnership,

Joel and team

9 thoughts on “Report on JCG meetings

  • Hey, Iain, great question! I’m brand new at Twitter. Yet, I saw the power of Twitter while in Khasikstan with Craig Ludrick. Craig posted up-to-date commentary of our time in Khasikstan that appeared in real-time on his website. Craig posted these commentaries in the form of prayer requests. Blogs are great but they are often static, and we at JCG only post them four days per week. Twitter fills the IN-BETWEEN gap by only allowing 140 characters of comment (quick thoughts on “what I’m doing now). I’d like to get your eventual thoughts on whether or not it’s a worthwhile addition at JCG. . . .

  • Another question is why do I write? I write because I want to communicate with others. I have something to say and I want others to read what I say. I have traditionally written books and articles. Both are great ways to communicate specific themes. Blogging is more of a free-flowing type of writing, but at least in our case here at JCG, it often turns into another article (the ongoing comments make it more free and flowing). Twitter is rightly called MICRO-BLOGGING. Becuase you only get 140 characters, the thoughts have to be quick and spontaneous about real-time life experiences. The main question is: What are you doing right now? I personally believe that some of the JCG partners would like to know what’s happening in my travels in real-time. Or what it’s like to write a cell book in real-time, etc. Then again, most are too busy to look at someone else’s Twittering. THE BOTTOM LINE is that I see TWITTER as ONE MORE form of communication on a more spontaneous, quick-moving level.

  • I was at this event and it was well worth my time. I loved the intimacy of it and the opportunity to interact with the JCG board as well as the other participants. Put this as a must attend event in your next years calendar.

  • Feedback – I like the twittering……………
    I have been following Joel’s twittereing.
    It’s good to share our lives like that.
    Half of Hollywood/people in media/people who are into communication etc are twittering, there must be something there….
    I better get my twittering organised!

  • Hey Iain, yes, it’s cool to share our lives. It reminds ourselves and others that we’re still breathing! And it’s cool to share what’s happening here in Germany in real-time. Blessings!

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