Dion Robert and the Works and Mission Baptist Church

joelI hope to see many of you at the cell symposium this month. If you receive this blog and will be coming to the event, I’d love to greet you during the symposium. One of the pastors I’m looking forward to meeting for the first time is Dion Robert, founder and pastor of the Works and Mission Baptist Church. If you’ll look at Dion Robert’s bio on the cell symposium website, it says,
“CWMI is a cell church that gathers over 185,000 in cell groups weekly.” Wow.

I’m thrilled that I will drive with Dion from Dallas to Waco. Ralph Neighbour wrote yesterday, “Jim Lassiter will pick you up at DFW and bring you down along with Dion Robert.” I’m going to pepper Dion with lots of questions because my knowledge of his church is dated. The last time I wrote about his church was nine years ago in an article entitled “Ten Largest Cell Churches.” I wrote:

The celebration event in the mother church attracts some 6,000 worshippers each Sunday. However, the Works and Mission Baptist Church has 56 local satellite churches in the capital city of Abidjan alone and many more throughout the country. A total of 18,000 cells (14,000 adult cells and about 4,000 children’s cells) form the basis of the church. There is one system of government and administration from the smallest cell in France to the Temple in Abidjan. All reports, accountability, etc. filter back to the mother church. The local churches are not independent. Each local church has exactly the same departmental structure and ultimately report back to Abidjan.  Les Brickman, who did his doctoral dissertation at Regent University on the Works and Mission Baptist Church says, “This church has experienced quantitative and qualitative growth since its inception in 1975. With over 150,000 members worldwide, it has proven to be successful in the context of both African and non-African culture, having planted churches in 34% of current African nations as well as in Europe and North America.”

If you’d like to find out more about Robert’s church, buy Les Brickman book entitled Preparing the 21st Century Church. As mentioned above, Brickman earned his doctoral degree studying this great church.



p.s.: My daughter Sarah and I travel on Wednesday to Monterrey, Mexico to participate in the Cell Church Missions Network meeting. The goal of CCMN is to promote cell church missions in Latin America and beyond. Mario Vega, Ralph Neighbour, Ben Wong, and others will also be attending. I’ll tell you about it in next week’s blog.

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  • Joel, I receive blog and will be at symposium. would love to meet you. I am cell pastor at experience life Lubbock tx and we are seeing a moving of God!!

  • Hello, i just planned to drop that you a line to say that we thoroughly enjoyed this particular post from yours, I have subscribed for your RSS feed and have absolutely skimmed several of your articles or blog posts before but this blog really endured out in my situation.

  • I want to join you in cell church. I have over 10 Pastors who are very interested with this course. Please come to Kenya.

  • I met Robert Dion and visited the church in Abidjan in 1993. At that time the church had 60,000 members mostly in Cote d’ Avior. I was impressed with Dion’s humility and warmth. I was with a group touring Africa and we made an appointment to visit the church. We were greeted in the parking lot by Dion himself. While there I attended cell meetings, saw how they were able to grow, and how lives were changed. Dion gave us his testimony and how he overcame some of the early resistance the church encountered. The Lord and I are writing a five part series on the three cell churches I met in 1993 and each became among the top ten cell churches in the world.

    the church in Abidjan is the largest and most effective.

  • Greetings in the name of our dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,
    I am Nehru Naik, I am native of small and backward village NVK THANDA,
    Peddavoora Manadal, Nalagonda District, telagana India. I am
    born in a very poor family, my parents were daily wage labours. I
    belong to Schedule Tribe community which is most neglected community
    in the society.

    Voice calling me ” I NEED YOU MY SON”, I looked here and there but no
    one was there. I opened the BIBLE, God spoke to me through the
    scriptures, Nahum :1:15. According the Scripture I decided to search
    the Gospel to the unreached areas of our society. And started
    preaching the gospel in the year 1992 till now preached 54 villages of
    our surroundings after taking Bible Training in collage and
    established achurch, where saints are worshiping regularly.

    One day while mediating the God’s word, God spoken with me by the
    Scripture James 1:27 to care of orphan children. Hence, we have
    started small orphanage with 13.orphans by providing food, shelter,

    We request you to kindly pray for these children as they need of
    school books, bags & fees. We love you to invite you to come to our
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    With much love &

  • Am a pastor in Freetown in Sierra Leone – West Africa. Am involved in pastoring a local church with a big heart for church planting in remote villages where Christ is not known and at the same time having no school systems in those villages which gives no chances to the children for education.

    Can you please pray and see how God can team us to do Romans 15:20 and Matthew 24:14 ?

    God bless us.
    Joseph NM Conteh
    FreetownSierra Leone+232 31 265 245

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