Missions in India

by Michael Sove (filling in for Rob Campbell)

The harvest is plentiful and the workers are few.  I just returned from 16 days in India working with the Pastors of Jesus Holy Church Ministries.india God is doing a great work among them.  I had both the experience of being in the Capital City of Hyderabad in Andrha Pradesh as well as the remote regions around Giddalur.

Everywhere I went I saw a hunger for God.  People would sit for hours just to hear His Word.  I was able to share many messages with the people as well as share cell church principles in certain settings.  Many people opened their hearts to the Lord as well.

These Pastors are doing a great job with very little resources.  I am so privileged to be able to mentor them and encourage them any way that I can.  Two observations I made while among them.  They really need a model for discipleship and to understand friendship evangelism.

Pastor Samuel from Giddalur has access to 60 villages and has really transformed some villages that were completely Hindu and now have a strong Christian presence.  He averages over 600 in his weekly worship and on New Years day had over 1000 in attendance.

The Indian people really understand their need for God and what really impressed me is that no one would leave a service without asking for prayer.  The team and I spent hours praying over people.  If any of you would like to get involved in India please contact me and I can connect you with this ministry or can partner with you to help them reach their nation for Christ.



3 thoughts on “Missions in India

  • It is very encouraging to know of a practical outworking of the Cell Church Ministry functional under overall vision shared by Pastor Joel and seen here in action. Being a [not full time] minister who has been doing cell principles teaching in our churches, it will be my joy to help in resource building, training and helping in any way. The Lord is helping me to oversee the beginnings of a small work in Chinnamannur – a town in Tamil Nadu [A province south of Andhra Pradesh in India.
    Will be privileged to help.
    God Bless!

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