Rescue Prayer

steveby Steve Cordle

All across the world people have watched with joy and wonder as the Chilean miners emerged from being trapped 2,300 ft. below ground for 69 days. Amidst the cheers and celebrations many knelt to give thanks upon their safe return.

That is fitting, because ever since the mine collapse, people have been praying for those miners to be rescued. Their families prayed. Their nation prayed. People around the world prayed. It was a natural response to the need of those men to be rescued.

How deeply does your group feel the need for the people they know to be rescued? How can you help spur that realization?

Steve Cordle

4 thoughts on “Rescue Prayer

  • I have family member who aren’t saved. Don’t beleive in Hell, feel there is no need to saved FROM anything. Sometimes, it’s like Jesus–just too close to the people for them to BELIEVE what you have to say. It might have to be a different person to lead them. But the best we can do- often, is example. I get made fun of, oh well–comes with the life of a believer, doesn’t it?

  • Yes, Our Lord Jesus is calling us for salvation. Eventhough not all the rescued miners might have accepted Jesus as his SAVIOUR and LORD, millions and millions of people around the world had witnessed what faithful beleivers call a miracle. Imagine the miracle of eternal salvation thru Jesus in our lives. We were not rescued from a mine for the rest of an earthy life, we have been rescued for eternity in Christ.
    John 14: 6

  • Lori, I opened my life to Christ at 29 years of age the first person I was burdened for was my mom. Very religious but didn’t know Christ in a personal way. She wouldn’t listen to my pleas for her salvation.

    After a year of praying and example God did an amazing miracle. My mom was working as a volunteer at a children’s ward in the hospital. It was Christmas time and she was helping a mentally handicapped girl make a Christmas ornament. This girl turned to my mom and said, “Mrs. I want to know Jesus!”

    My mom wanted to help her but didn’t know what to tell her. Then she remembered me. She thought, “My son Mike can help her.” So on her way home in the car God said, “It’s good you want to help the girl, but what about you?”

    That day to God’s Glory I received a phone call from my mom saying, “Mike would you please come over to my house and lead me to Jesus!” I’ll never ever forget what that was like leading my own mom to Christ! She has been passionately following Christ now for 25 years.

    Don’t give up, pray and be an example and God has the last word on your family!

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