Rapid Expansion Mandatory

by Jeff Tunnell

Here on the JCG Blog I feel like we are always among friends and most of us are in agreement with cell church principles.  We read with a desire to affirm what is being written rather than foment disagreement.  Approaching the topic of church planting should stir at least a little friction among us, so let your thoughts be known!  Give us a comment or two, foster dialogue, let’s have some iron sharpening iron this week!

Rapid expansion of the Kingdom of God is mandatory in this century!  We have choked, strangled and managed the advance of the Gospel by requiring too much preparation that is essentially UNNESESSARY.  Yes, those are capital letters, because we need to acknowledge that the Kingdom of God is not a business to be managed, or a profession that requires every leader to obtain a doctorate before getting started.  Western methods for church planting have simply exported to other nations what we could not make work here.

Now the majority nations are instructing us on the effective multiplication of cells, leaders, and churches, as they act with abandon to raise up new leaders of small groups that embrace the newly converted.  They rapidly equip these new cell members to reach their own circle of influence while being readied to lead their own group.  Some of these leaders will acquire advanced education and training to take their place among Jesus’ gift ministries to the church in Ephesians 4 and for that we are grateful.  But the broader reach of the body of Christ will be made by the simply equipped who are anointed with the Holy Spirit to do the work of ministry.  Let’s acknowledge that God is able to oversee His church and manage its growth if we will simply get our hands on the plow and not look back.

I wonder how much more quickly I could raise up leaders if I didn’t have any charts or graphs or projection tables?  Maybe even take away my internet access and laptop so I had more time to invest directly in the next leader, instead of just planning to!  I could come along side them with a good equipping track and disciple them to maturity while enjoying their friendship, instead of supposing I have relationship via some social network.

Today may not have been blogging as much as venting.  Thanks for your friendship here on the blog, let us hear from you.

1 thought on “Rapid Expansion Mandatory

  • Jeff, excellent post! I completely agree. Starting as a lay-pastor 16 yrs ago, I have been very involved in leading “churches” in care facilities. In those years I felt God’s leading to work towards ordination (learn more about God and His Word), problem is that the denomination has certain requirements to “Pastor” a church. I can understand their thinking, but as a trusted retired pastor told me, “Dick, at the age of 68, having that piece of paper is not that important”. As that pastor went on to say, “God has ordained you in the ministry of pastoring those in the care facilities you serve”.
    JCG is truly a blessing to me.

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