Relationships are the Bottom Line

By Michael Sove

We have been talking all month about reports and statistics and how they can help in measuring growth, health and potential of your cell / holistic group system.  I stress a point I made earlier, simple is better.  I gain the greatest insight about what is going on through the on-going relationships with my leaders and coaches and visits to see them in action.

Last night I visited a cell and I learned more by participation and observation than I would have by simply looking at a written report.  I also got to meet two new people who were attending the cell.  Sure their names will show up on the report the office will receive today.  But now I know who they are and gained insight into who they are as a person and a little about their story.  I learned much as I observed them and the rest of the group members throughout the evening.  Now when I meet with this cell leader for my monthly one-on-one time together, the list of names comes alive and I can help him see the potential in the people who surround him week after week.

During a one-on-one time last Saturday with one of my coaches I learned invaluable information about two other cell groups.  Sure, I could look at the report from the cell leader he is coaching and see the names of those who are attending but what I learned through the face to face communication with this coach was that a relatively new member of that cell led the Word time in the gathering and did fantastic as a facilitator.  I was able to approach this person and determine interest in being equipped to become a cell leader.  I will work in conjunction with this coach and leader to see that this happens.

This same coach told me about the struggles of another cell and how they have not been able to establish a regular meeting place.  Looking at the report I would have seen that they met in various locations but I would not have know about their desire to move south and establish a more stable place to meet.  Because of my relationship with this coach I gained the needed insight to understand what was going on and now the coach and I can encourage the leader to make the necessary move.

Reports and statistics are important but it is in relationships  where everything comes to life.  Relate to your coaches and leaders and hang out with them and you will learn so much more than sitting in an office looking at a chart.  Relationships are the bottom line to effective use of reports and statistics.



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