the worldwide cell church movement

I love the fact that the cell church movement is worldwide. Cell church doesn’t belong to Korea or Bogota or Lousiana. It has its origins in the New Testament and has now spread to include the entire world. Jim Egli wrote an excellent paper on the history of the cell movement that you can download here. The early church was a house church movement, as is so clearly brought out in Roger W. Gehring’s excellent book, House Church and Mission. God used cell based ministry throughout the centuries, but John Wesley (June 17, 1703 – March 2, 1791) really made it the method of his ministry . God used Wesley and the Methodists to grow a church of 10,000 cells (classes) and 100,000 members–and many believe that Wesley’s ministry saved England from moral disaster. David Cho ushered in the modern-day cell church movement, which has now spread around the globe. My research has mainly focused on the cell church in Latin America (Passion and Persistence and Groups of Twelve) and now in the western world (Cell Church Solutions). How did you become interested in cell church ministry?

Joel Comiskey

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