Kingdom DNA

 Hi – -Steve Cordle here:

Yesterday Joel highlighted the flourishing cell movement at the MAADI church in Cairo. He pointed out that church has been planting many others and has influenced churches in many countries.

I have been struck by the realization that most of the USA’s healthiest and most dynamic cell churches have a strong international missions/church planting emphasis. Churches like Bethany World prayer Center, Cypress Creek Church, Antioch Church , and others, are involved in international church planting in huge ways.

I wonder if these churches minister globally not because they have thriving cell ministries, but rather they have thriving cell ministries because they minister globally. Specifically: that the missional vision which propels a global ministry is the same fuel required for healthy cell groups. It is the biblical ministry “DNA”: the Kingdom of God. Adopting the Kingdom mindset of Jesus will lead to multiplication of all kinds: disciples, cell groups, and churches.

What does that mean for a new or smaller cell church? Whether our churches are currently planting churches overseas or not, if we instill the Kingdom DNA in the hearts and minds of our people the Lord will cause his Kingdom to flourish in surprising places!

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