Team Ministry (part 3)

Have we over-emphasized the role of the senior pastor in cell church ministry? I talked with a team of volunteer elders last night who are pastoring a growing cell church plant in Toronto, Canada. Since I’m coaching this church, I’m becoming more and more acquainted with who they are and where they’re going.

I came away from my coaching session last night very impressed with the growth and progress in this church–and it was all happening without the strong direction of a senior pastor! These four elders were fully pastoring the church; they just weren’t getting paid for it. They were also 100% committed to the cell vision and actively invovled in cell ministry. The church had more people attending cell than celebration and there was a consensus that they were going in the right direction.

I was once again reminded that only Jesus can grow His church. When a church is properly shepherded and the people are reaching out to lost men and women, the church will grow. Life begets life. Health has a way of attracting others.

Yet, I’ve seen over and over that the pastoral team is absolutely essential in promoting that health and making it happen. Lone ranger pastors have a much harder time making it work. What’s your read on team ministry? Have we over-emphasized the senior pastor’s role and neglected the place of team minisry?


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