The Myth of Pastoral Leadership in Cell Church Ministry

For the month of March, I’d like to focus on various myths that I’ve seen in the cell movement. Let’s look at the myth of pastoral leadership.

Myth: All a pastor has to do is believe in the cell vision and start the model
Truth: A pastor needs to concentrate to make cell ministry work

I’ve noticed a myth out there that says all a pastor has to do is believe in the cell vision and start it. Some pastors think that since the world’s largest churches are cell churches, all a pastor has to do is believe in the cell vision, pick a great cell church model and PRESTO. Instant cell church.

Yet, the truth is that success in cell church ministry requires concentration. It requires saying NO to the other great programs and competing distractions.  I’ve found that some pastors don’t have the ability to concentrate. I suppose they get bored quickly and never give the cell church vision the attention it needs and deseves. Some pastors can talk about how much they LOVE the cell church vision. The problem is that they love everything else as well and quickly get mired down with a loads of competing visions. Making cell church work takes a dogged concentration and willingness to stick with it over the long haul. And this means learning from failures. The pastors that make it are willing to pick themselves off the ground, dust themselves off, and press on until it works. The pastors who fall by the wayside are often those who fail to concentrate. Comments?


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