Developed by Brokenness


By Steve Cordle

Group leaders are developed in many ways: through on the job training, classes, one-on-one interaction, large rallies. One avenue that is not spoken of as much is failure and brokenness.

We all know that group leadership can be difficult, and not every group will succeed. When a group dissolves, it is a critical moment in the life of the leader. The feelings of failure may drive the leader to vow not to lead again. He may take upon himself responsibility for the failure which doesn not belong to him. Or, he may see personal factors which legitimately hurt the group. Now what?

Most of God’s best servants have been broken in significant ways. As we coach leaders who have groups which don’t continue, it is important to help them mine the deepest nuggets of God’s work. The Holy Spirit may be preparing them in soul-level ways for even greater mnistry influence later. Group leading develops us as disciples in ways which don’t happen otherwise – and brokenness is one. Few of us sign up for the pain and discomfort of brokenness, but it seems to be an essential part of God’s training us in righteousness and dependancy. Helping our leaders to see this requires tender and personal interaction, but it will develop strong disciples and leaders.



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