God’s creativity at Xenos Christian Fellowship

Joel ComiskeyI presented two messages at Xenos Christian Fellowship’s annual summer institute last Friday morning and Friday evening. There were 900 people present on Friday morning (I spoke on coaching leaders) and 2200 on Friday evening (I spoke on using your spiritual gift in the cell).

Rob Campbell’s blog yesterday talked about the importance of diversity and the fact that our God is a creative God. Xenos Christian diversityFellowship is an example of that diversity. Xenos doesn’t fit any box that I know of in North America and beyond. Xenos has house churches (ranging from 20-60 people), cells (3-15 people) and celebration services!

I was thankful to be invited over to the senior pastor’s house (Dennis and Holly McCallum) after the Friday night service. We sat around with about fifteen university students and talked about reaching people for Jesus through small group ministry (students come to the McCallum’s house every Wedneday evening). I discovered that Xenos is reaching more than 600 university students through their house church/ cell structure.

They told me that 55% of those who attend the meetings are either unbelievers or have come to faith in Christ through this ministry. Each house church of 25+ meets weekly but the cells within each house church also meet weekly. The cells are gender specific (male or female). I was impressed by the student’s vision to reach a lost world through Jesus Christ and how they are reaping the harvest through their small group ministry. They carefully disciple everyone who comes through their cell structure. God is using Xenos to evangelize and disciples the masses for Jesus.

God is creative!



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