Recovery Cells

joelDr. Mike Erickson loves cells and cell church. He’s the associate pastor of Big Bear Christian Center in Big Bear, CA (senior pastor is Jeff Tunnell). I had the privilege of coaching Mike (and Jeff) over a three year period and I can testify of Mike’s effectiveness in coaching cell leaders and multiplying cell groups. God directed Mike to start cells among those broken by alcohol and drug abuse.

God used Mike to help people in AA (Alcoholic Anonymous) and NA (Narcotic Anonymous) to become converted, recoveryCells.jpgbaptized, and equipped through the church’s training process to multiply new cells. When I interviewed Mike in March 2006, he had seen twenty-two people baptized from AA and NA programs and has planted three new groups among them. Many were attending Big Bear Christian Center. I asked Mike to write an article on his experience and you can access it here.

The good news is that now you can learn all about how to start recovery cells in your own church through Pastor Mike’s new book called Recovery Cells: Small Groups for People in Recovery (picture to the right).

My motivation for promoting Mike’s work is simply because I believe cell ministry works so well among people with addictions. I’ve also seen Mike’s passion for the cell church strategy and how God used him to apply that strategy to those in AA and NA.

p.s.: If you live in Southern CA., Mike will be signing his book at Barnes & Noble on September 29th at 2:30 pm. (27460 Lugonia Ave., Redlands, CA 92374 tel: (909) 793-4945). Also, check out Mike’s press release 

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