Leader Eaters

by Steve Cordle

I have appreciated and learned from the posts and comments on leadership this week!

Raising up and discipling those who disciple others is not easy work, and we surely don’t like to see disicple-making leaders fall away for any reason. If we can identify and neutralize forces which sideline leaders, our ministry fruitfulness will be deeper. Some of the more frequent “Leader-eaters” I have seen would include:

* Family issues – if the spouse is not involved and supportive, or there is a marital strain, or the children have suddenly increased needs/issues, the leader may not be able to continue.

* Spiritual sag – leaders who are not personally meeting regularly with God will probably drop out of ministry eventually

* Distractions – work, house-remodeling, coaching soccer… need I say more?

* Sin – it happens

* Ministry frustrations – an unresponsive group, quarreling members, decreasing attendance…they all can undermine a leader’s confidence and enthusiasm.

When we consider that it usually takes extended one-on-one discipling and on-the-job development of ministry skills and teaching to equip someone to become a leader, and then fighting off “Leader Eaters” like these to stay a leader, it’s no wonder that the list of fruitful, long-term disciple-makers is shorter than we’d like it to be! Praise God for each one you’ve got! And help them fight off the Leader Easters.

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