Grasping the Bigger Picture

joelIn chapter three Leadership Explosion, I explore the subject of cell multiplication. As you can tell from the following quotes, I’ve been on a journey: cell

The desired end is that each cell grows and multiplies. When you are crystal clear on this point, leadership training becomes focused. I didn’t always believe in cell multiplication as the guiding star for cell ministry. In my first cell manual (1992) I wrote, “The focus of the cells is evangelism and discipleship.” On the same page I also said, “The principal objective of our system is that the members of each cell experience true fellowship with each other.” At that time, I didn’t try to connect evangelism, discipleship, and fellowship. As I look back, I readily admit that I was confused about the central focus of cell ministry. I had read some articles and books, and afterwards tried to pull it all together. Maybe you’ve done the same thing.

Try to grasp the bigger picture that cell multiplication draws. To multiply a group, a leader must pray daily for cell members, prepare himself spiritually before God, visit the members regularly, make numerous phone calls to invite newcomers, prepare the cell lesson, make any other arrangements, and above all, train new leadership to lead the new cells. It’s a total package. If the cell leader only focuses on evangelism, many will slip out the back door. If he only centers his attention on discipleship, the group will grow inward and probably stagnate. If the leader solely concentrates on small group dynamics, leadership development will suffer. Effective cell leaders possess a clear aim for the group and gently lead the group to fulfill the goal of multiplication.

The cell leader should delegate responsibility as much as possible. He must stimulate others in the group to visit, make phone calls, and participate in the cell. The cell leader simply makes sure these disciplines take place.


Some have criticized me for emphasizing multiplicaiton too much. And yes, it’s possible to mutliply weak cells! To multiply a healthy cell is hard work and involves many factors. I wholeheartedly complement those who can make it happen.




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