Effective Learning

The Joel Comiskey Group team assembles next week for two days of deliberations.  We would appreciate your prayers.  Further, we are thrilled that Mario Vega, Pastor of Elim Church in San Salvador, El Salvador has joined the team and will be present.  I’ve had the opportunity to visit Mario in San Salvador and I must say I was captivated by his humility.

In preparation for our team gathering, would you give us some insight on the following question?

How do you grow in your knowledge and practice of being a cell church?  If I could ask that question another way, then I would ask:  “What tools enable you to be most effective in your church and/or cell?”

Is it through experience (“the school of hard knocks”)…books…seminars…conferences…dialogue with other cell leaders/pastors…websites…cd or dvd teachings…etc.?

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Please comment.  You need not be wordy (unless you so desire).  A few sentences is super as I know your time is important.

by Rob Campbell


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