The JCG Blog-How Can We Improve It?

joelRob mentioned our JCG meeting next Tuesday and Wednesday (26-27) in Myrtle Beach (Buddy Lindsay, the tax lawyer who organized JCG, lives inblog Myrtle Beach and owns a Hampton Inn hotel, which he offers for us at super reduced rates).

We spend the morning on Tuesday building our team relationships. Often the icebreaker is to show five significant pictures that summarize our past year and explain why those pictures are so important. We take time to pray and then share lunch together. Tuesday afternoon is brainstorming and vision casting time. On Wedneday we get down to hashing out the particulars for 2008 and beyond. One item we will be covering is this blog. We want to know how we can improve it, what we should be doing differently, etc.

Soooo, let me ask you:

How can we improve this blog? What have you liked and disliked? Should we be more thematic in our approach–that is, cover one topic for the entire week? Or do you like the free-flowing way that we have been running this blog? Who else would you like to hear from on these blogs?

Thanks in advance for your response!


4 thoughts on “The JCG Blog-How Can We Improve It?

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