Anchor Yourself on God’s Principles

jeffJeff Tunnell, sitting in for Rob Campbell this week

Relationships, conversational establishment of belief and action frameworks, application of truth with a genuine love for our own cultural groupings anchorwhile embracing diversity are dominant attitudes of this generation. Cell ministry embraces all of these ideals, and more, while consistently holding to principles that shape enduring ministry to a hurting world in search of stability and faith.

Principles must never be abandoned! They guide us consistently through life while it is “coming at us”. Scripture itself tells us that firm foundations in biblical truth are required to keep us from being blown about by every wind of doctrine. Following this principle, we conclude that there exist firm foundations in Cell-based ministry that keep us from being tossed about in our approach to ministry.

Have you been deluded by the world’s thinking that you can have everything you want, as fast as you want, any way you want it? Do you think you deserve a faster transition that comes in half the time? Are you disappointed in God who has not granted your requests within your timing? Be careful, look for the principles you are working with (or against). Principles change us, we don’t change them. It takes time to establish strong foundations.

Pastor Mario Vega opens his heart and ministry attempts to us, discussing the efforts made prior to their fulfillment. Joel Comiskey continues to remind us that principles always work. Steve Cordle articulates our continuing need to evaluate what and how we are “doing ministry” and Rob Campbell is ever ready to challenge us to think outside the box. Each one calls on us to comment on these valuable insights into cell ministry.

Hey, what a team! Thanks guys for your concern for the world-wide cell church!!


Jeff Tunnell

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