Realistic Goal Setting

joelI think it’s essential to set goals, although for those working in the WESTERN WORLD, those goals will have to be realistic. GOALSThere was a time in the cell movement that certain teachers insisted that a cell had to multiply in six months or it was unhealthy. Cells that didn’t multiply in 9-12 months were closed.

At one time I applauded such goals UNTIL I planted a cell church in the WEST. I then realized why so many cell churches were turned off by the six-month mandate. I found that the soil was far more hardened than my experience in Ecuador. It took a lot longer to get someone through the training track. I had to scale back on my goals.

I believe in setting goals. I simply believe that goal setting must be realistic. Mechanical goals that don’t take the soil into account–or how many are in the training track–often heap a load of guilt over leaders who can’t make it happen.

What has your experience been? Comments?

Joel Comiskey

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