Goals that grow faith


by Steve Cordle


Joel’s encouragement to set goals wisely is so important.  As Rick Waren said, a goal is a dream with a deadline.

I have found that the best goals are:

1) From God –  Spending time in prayer to heare from God makes the goal something more than my own preference. If I set the goal, I might give myself the option to forget about it before it is accomplished. But if I am convinced the God gave me the goal, then I wil feel a great inner drive to acomplish it. I will also pray with more authority for the power to accomplish it.

2) A stretch – a goal is a great faith-strengthener. It will cause me to see what is not yet, and give me the chance to see God at work.

3) Involves others – When you include the members of your group in the achieving of the goal, you increase the chances for success, have more fun, and build their faith, too.

 Without goals your group can flounder. Without goals your ministry may not achieve all that God intends – because a God-inspired goal will require the risk of faith.

When I feel falt, I often pray, “Lord, you have a desire for this ministry, and for these groups. What is it? Let me accomplish it by Your power.” It is fun to see how He answers that prayer!




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