Simply Reproducible


by Steve Cordle


A seminar speaker I heard recently (sorry I can’t remember the teacher’s name!) said “What is not intentional is not reproducable”. In other words, if you don’t know what you did, you probably can’t do it again.

As Joel says, the goal of a cell group is to multiply (reproduce). That means it must be intentional; a group leader should be able to describe how the group works and ministers. One of the enemies of this is complication. We leader-types often who have been doing cell minsitry a long time can be tempted to make ministry a little too complicated. We want everyone to know everything we do.

You might be too complicated if:

– your training manual is 500 pages long

– your Equipping Track qualifies for state higher education funding

– your group leaders have trouble memorizing the 212 keys to effective cell meetings

– your weekly report forms can be used as door stops.

Well, you get the idea!

When cell ministry is simple – leaders understand the basic principles and variety flourishes. When it gets complicated, the leaders still only remember a few things; it’s just that those might not be the most important things!

Is your ministry simple enough to be reproducable?



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