What Price for Success?

jeffJeff Tunnell, pinch hitting for Steve Cordle. The recent news from El Salvador, combined with Pastor Mario Vega’s blog last Friday, has challenged principlesmy mind – and I am attempting to wrestle those thoughts down into my heart. There is a price for “success” in cell ministry. I know this, but still refuse to get out my spiritual wallet and put my money where my mouth is.

In Joel’s books, Reap the Harvest, (ch 3) and, From 12 to 3, (pgs 32-33), I compiled a list of 21 principles of cell church. I refer to the first one on my list as our primary “price” for success; “Dependence on Jesus Christ through prayer”.

The “successful” cell ministries around the world pay this price FIRST and God answers by granting the souls and growth. Many of us want the growth that speaks of success, but lower the price for winning souls in prayer. We hear of, and may have visited Prayer Mountain in Korea, or seen the people pray at ELIM in El Salvador. I was ministered to personally, by the prayer team at Cypress Creek Church under the leadership of Pastor Rob Campbell. This occurred in the specifically designed, architecturally included, Prayer Room that is the FIRST part of their worship center. You must pass this room to enter their Celebrations. They have thoughtfully decided to pay the price for success in Wimberly, Texas.

Principles are always principles; we cannot reduce or shape them to our liking. We may work WITH them and find exciting ways of APPLYING them, but we must always give them the respect and allegiance deserved. Principles change us, we do not change them! Prayer first, is the first principle and price for success!

What price(s) have you PLANNED to pay for the success you desire in Cell Ministry? Or, what prices are you paying now for the failures you experience in Cell Ministry?



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