Staying Focused–Seeing Clearly

jefJeff Tunnell here, pinch hitting for Steve Cordle.I just cleaned my glasses! Once again I am surprised by how much accumulation can occur SEEINGwithout my really noticing. I just plow ahead thinking I am seeing clearly when all the while my sight is being slightly blurred and clouded, almost imperceptibly.

Then I looked up at the bookshelf above my little desk and looking back at me was a hotel brochure for The Hampton Inn & Suites, Myrtle Beach – Ocean Front, in South Carolina. This is where the “Basic Principles of Cell Ministry” and “A Day with Joel Comiskey and Mario Vega” events will be held in February, 2009. (If you receive this blog to your email inbox without going through the JCG website, please visit the home page for additional information on these events).

Putting these two paragraphs together: As Cell church pastors and leaders we always have much to do that is both daily, and demanding. The dust of life accumulates on our original vision of multiplying leaders and birthing new cells in order to reach our communities for Jesus Christ. Occasionally, we need to “clean the lens of life” and do something to rekindle our passion and vision.

May I suggest you join me in attending one of the events provided by Joel Comiskey Group next February? I am keeping the hotel brochure right where it is, and keeping my glasses clean enough to see it – thereby retaining my focus on the goal of growth, both corporately and personally. Myrtle Beach is a very nice place to be in February!!

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