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joelI just got back Saturday evening from a CCMN (Cell Church Mission Network) conference in Mexico Cty. 3500 people were registered. I, Mario Vega, Ben Wong, and missionsEdmundo Guillén spoke 4Xs each (Edmundo is senior pastor of Lluvias de Gracia, a huge cell church in Guatemala). I felt that Ben Wong raised the bar for the rest of us. Not only is Ben a very engaging speaker, but the theme of his messages were absolutely right on. Ben spoke on the need to send missionaries around the world–especially to the 10-40 area of the world ( this is the area which has the highest level of poverty and the least access to the Christian message).

Ben reminded us about the need to connect cell church with missions. Cell churches are all about raising up new leaders–they are leader breeders. Yet often we don’t go far enough. We raise up cell leaders for our own churches but fail to cast the vision for missionary church planting around the world.

Those who have led a cell group, multiplied it and coached the new leader (s) have a great foundation to plant cell churches worldwide. Jesus longs to send some of those fruitful leaders to mission field–especially the 10-40 window.

What has been your experience with connecting cells and missions?


Joel Comiskey

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