JCG and International Expansion of the Cell Church

coaches-rob2.jpgby Rob Campbell


Joel’s post yesterday concerning his ministry trip to Uzbekistan was encouraging.  These trips are possible because of financial contributors to JCG.  Monies given to JCG enable Joel to equip in various international sites around the world.  He has participated in such ventures for many years.

My church family financially supports JCG.  When I receive reports from Joel like his post yesterday, I am greatly encouraged and motivated to be a ministry partner with JCG.

I encourage you to contact me concerning financial partnership with JCG.  Let me be clear.  When Joel travels abroad, he is speaking forth the life changing message of Christ.  Indeed, cell church structure is “in the mix.”  However, he travels abroad because of his commitment and love for Christ.

Become a part of his sending team!

Contact me!


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