Leadership Lessons

by Rob Campbell


John Maxwell is well known for the following quote:  “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”  It’s true, isn’t it?

I’m wondering– what leadership lessons are near and dear to your heart?

Further, would you be willing to share those lessons with this blog community?  You need not be wordy (as you may note this blog post is quite brief).

Let me share two of my favorite leadership lessons.

First, everyone will not be like you.

Next, everyone will not like you.

Post a comment.  Be brief.  One or two lines will be just fine.

3 thoughts on “Leadership Lessons

  • Leadership secret : orient the leader in what God called him. An evangelist, a prophet, a pastor/teacher, an apostle ?

  • Two thoughts to add to the mix:

    Leadership is all about relationships – so it takes time to develop.
    Great leadership requires some transparency – it’s rather a vulnerable venture.

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