Missions and the Cell Church


by Mario Vega

Most of the unreached people today are located in Muslim countries or in restricted countries to the Gospel. Under these conditions, it is not possible to perform the traditional role of missionary church planting.

Missionary work must be done slowly, carefully and practically in a clandestine way. This is where the work of cell church shines since the church members are trained and accustomed to delivering the Gospel person to person and from house to house. Joel Comiskey has said: “The same work that a leader performs multiplying a cell in his own country can be done on the mission field.” From that standpoint, every leader is potentially a missionary.

It’s easy for cell chruches to only focus on themselves. Yet, God wants to give them a vision of evangelizing unreached people groups as well. These are the topics that we are discussing right now in Monterrey, Mexico at the III Latin American Consultation of Cell Church and Mission network.

What do you think about these ideas?


Translation in Spanish:

Las misiones y las iglesias celulares.

Gran parte de los pueblos no alcanzados hoy en da se encuentras ubicados en pases musulmanes o muy cerrados al evangelio. En esas condiciones el realizar un trabajo misionero tradicional que consiste en fundar una nueva iglesia no es posible.

El trabajo misionero debe ser hecho de manera lenta, cuidadosa y prácticamente en la clandestinidad. Es all donde el trabajo de las iglesias celulares resulta importante ya que los miembros de estas iglesias se encuentran entrenados y acostumbrados a llevar el evangelio persona a persona y de casa en casa.

Joel Comiskey ha dicho: ‘El mismo trabajo que un lder realiza multiplicando una célula en su pas es el que debe hacer en el campo misionero.’ Desde ese punto de vista, todo lder es un misionero en potencia.

Las iglesias celulares que hasta hoy se han concentrado en el crecimiento y en s mismas deben levantar la mirada para dirigir sus capacidades adquiridas hacia la evangelización de los pueblos no alcanzados.

Temas como éste son los que se desarrollan en la Tercera Consulta Latinoamérica de la Red de Iglesias Celulares que se desarrolla en Monterrey la presente semana.

¿Qué piensas de éstas ideas?

1 thought on “Missions and the Cell Church

  • You guys remain so on target that I look forwards to every blog you post.

    My recommendation to all Kingdom workers who take formal education that they also get under a cell mentor and actually participate, start new cells, lead them and raise up a new leader, before they accept to take an overseas post.

    In that way, they will “hit the ground” knowing what to do and how to do it. Otherwise, they may “spin their wheels” for years before they learn the basics of Kingdom work, unable to justify their high cost.

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