Talking and Walking Cell Church Values

by Michael Sove

We have already established how important it is for the lead/senior pastor to actually take the lead when it comes to cell church vision and principles.  It’s not something that can be delegated away to someone else.  This week we’re looking at some practical ways to do this.

The lead/senior pastor has the opportunity to communicate cell church values every time he stands up to preach.  I’m not referring to speaking about cells using cell church terminology but speaking and giving personal examples that reinforce the values that form the foundation of a cell church strategy.

For example:  Instead of talking, “cells, cells, cells” speak about the beauty and benefit of community, the power of evangelism as a team, the need for “Spiritual Fathers and Mothers” to help and encourage those who are one step behind or just beginning their faith journey.  Of course all these messages are strengthened by stories from your life and others who are participating in cell life.

Not only must you talk about the values but you must walk out those values as well.  When you lead a cell or participate in a cell, you show that this is something you value, it is not just something you talk about.  The same can be said about personal evangelism, and discipleship as well.  The story about how God just used you to lead a person to Christ and how you are meeting him weekly for discipleship speaks volumes to those who are listening.

Bill Warren, our Senior Pastor, has been visiting cells and I continue to hear how that has encouraged the leaders and those in their cells.  They get the feeling that they matter and what they are doing is important, just through a simple visit.

Both Bill, our Senior Pastor and I the Cell Pastor / Champion lead the monthly V.H.S. (vision, huddle and skill) meeting for all our cell leaders.  He casts the vision for some aspect of our strategy.  He also uses this as a time to honor those who have lived out the values we are teaching.

Another way to exemplify leadership in a cell church is to keep things simple and on task.  In our setting, our objective is lived out in three words, “Connect, Grow and Serve.”  So everything we do and say comes back to living out these three objectives and helping others to understand how they can live them out as well.

People will tend to value what they see you doing rather than what they hear you saying.  So make sure what you are saying is supported by what you are doing and you will exemplify cell church leadership that will invite others to follow.

Comments or other practical suggestions?


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