Penetrate Regularly

By Jeff Tunnell

Our Cell groups are referred to as Lighthouses, stemming from multiple prophetic insights given by the Holy Spirit.  Following that image we have depicted our cells as the prisms of a lighthouse that focus the original source of light – JESUS – in order to penetrate darkness and provide direction for the lost and disoriented travelers.

At one annual Lighthouse Keepers banquet (Cell leaders) we used PRISM as an acronym and theme:

P – penetrate the surrounding areas with light that dispels darkness using

R – regular, weekly meetings that keep us

I – in community while developing

S – spiritual maturity and

M – multiplying new leaders and new cells

Those who make up a single cell are called Lighthouse Family Members to remind ourselves of belonging and community within the cell group, much like it takes a small family to operate an actual lighthouse.

The analogy is fairly obvious: Lighthouses are placed in remote, often dangerous, locations and each family member is needed on a daily (certainly weekly) basis to maintain effective operations.  Cells work best outside the church building (remote) and weekly gatherings keep the family intact while they work together to penetrate the surrounding community.

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