Harvest on Holidays and More

by Jeff Tunnell

Merry Christmas blog readers!  While celebrating the birth of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, we should naturally want to share this good news!  Harvest events capitalize on widely known and regularly celebrated holidays, community events & needs, school schedules and even local disasters to evangelize.

Cell groups should think strategically, pray, and then organize to step into an event with a meaningful action that presents Christ in a corporate, attractive method.  Outreach can be performed to a particular group and need (such as disaster relief or feeding the poor & homeless) or be more broad and sweeping (like a booth offering prayer at a local street fair).  Harvest events can be as focused as taking care of one family’s need (meals during an illness or traumatic time) or more widespread (offering a weekend seminar for single parents, financial training, marriage & family).

Taking part of the cell meeting time to think strategically does not detract from the importance of worship of Christ, but in fact lends to our view.  Leaders should keep the cell involved in outreach and evangelism during the “witness” or “works” section of the 4 Ws.  The Christian worldview dictates that evangelism and sharing our faith is a constant as we dwell in a world order of chaos and change.

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