Presence, Passion, Persistence and Perspective

by Michael Sove

One of my favorite talks is to hear Mario Vega tell his story and the importance of passion and persistence.  This week as we are talking about the qualities of church planters, those two words fit perfectly with the qualities that would make a great church planter.  From my own life and experience of planting, rescuing and merging churches, I want to add a few more.

The most important quality for someone who would plant a church is what I call “Presence.”  Their number one role is to stay very close to God.  He is the source, the power, the real leader of any movement to reach the unreached.  Prayer and listening followed by obedience is critical in any church planting endeavor.

Next is “Passion.”  A church planter needs to have passion for this calling.  This includes passion for God, passion for people and passion for the vision God gives.  Passion is the fuel that will help this point person gather a core team, reach out to the lost, and lead the vision.

Of course “Persistence” is the quality that will keep the church planter going when they face the obstacles, doubts and perhaps the dark night of the soul that comes with any new venture.  Persistence keeps the church planter going when they cannot see any progress or come up against an unforeseen challenge.

Another quality I want to address is what I call “Perspective.”  The very qualities that help a church planter to succeed can also hurt those closest to them.  Make sure your spouse and or children are not lost in the process of planting.  The demands of church planting can wreak havoc on a marriage or a family unless balance is maintained.

If I could do it all over again, I would spend even more time with God, plant with a team and protect my family by giving them priority time in my schedule and not assuming they’ll understand.  May more churches be planted for the sake of the lost and the Glory of God.



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