Finding Solutions that Help

joelCriticism comes easily. Solutions are far harder. D.L. Moody once responded to his critics by saying, “I like what I’m doing better than what you’re not BEAUTYdoing.” 

One of the key thrusts of JCG is to offer solutions. We want to be a non-profit organization that takes the theory down to where pastors and leaders live and work. We believe in the radical middle of cell church ministry. Yes, we believe in radical, outside-the-box type New Testament ministry. Yet, we want to avoid the “I’m better than you are” mentality that is the natural result of putting others down. 

I’m referring here to the the need to find cell solutions that work in the battle–rather than offering criticisms that go nowhere. 

Yes, we’ll all fail and struggle along the road. Yet, I think God wants us to strive to find solutions that will help Christ’s church rather than tear it down.

What do you think? What has been your experience in this area?


Joel Comiskey

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