Nothing New Here

by Jeff Tunnell

When I say “Nothing New Here” it is a double-edged sword, or statement.  First, I am saying that we should not allow any NEW thing to compete with cell systems and their continuance.  Second, most of what follows was in last week’s post also.

Pastors are prone to adding one more ministry to their already full agenda.  They are generally entrepreneurial in nature and LOVE to start new things. Unfortunately these new starts can appear as the next greatest idea to improve our level of current ministry, or outreach, or children’s programs, or youth programs, or whatever.   Movement does not necessarily equal progress; we cannot substitute activity for accomplishment.  But we are prone to try anyway, ouch.

Commit to NOT ADD any new programs for at least one year (more or less) and hold that discipline in place.  Give all of your time to strengthening your cells as the ONLY thing you are doing AND begin to let other programs conclude and disappear in a natural way WITHOUT replacing them.  You will get your life back, time back, relationships will deepen and you’ll begin to experience life in His Kingdom like never before!

I was presented with another opportunity to begin a mentoring ministry today that would target a special group within the church for a special outcome, just for them.  My answer?  The cell system is the place for the special outcome they seek and will produce maturity much quicker than the desired NEW ministry being suggested.

Stay with it, don’t give up, or give in: hold out for the exponential, critical-mass growth that WILL COME if you do not surrender any momentum achieved thus far.  Allow no competition for time, finances or personnel by staying true to becoming good at ONE THING.  As Larry Stockstill stated, win souls, make disciples.  That will do just fine.

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